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Institute licenses

Institute licenses

In the Name of God
Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
Student Affairs Organization
“One-year activity license to send students abroad”

Based on the by-Law of establishment of institutes and companies of Student dispatch service abroad, resolution No. 27024 T/ 45622 dated 4 / 5 / 2003 of the Honorable Council of Ministers and following the licensing issued no.42/17/26964 dated 13 / 3 / 2007 as resolution dated 28 / 8 /2018 of the Working Group monitoring performance of student dispatch institutions abroad, It was agreed to extend the license, thereby permitting Mr. Seyyed Shahabuddin Arzegar, according to Article 5 of the above mentioned by-law, to provide appropriate services to Arka Danesh Parsian in the field of obtaining academic admission, sending students through application and sending students abroad, exclusively to Spain, continue for one year from the date of issuance of this license in Tehran and regularly report every six months to the Secretariat of Working Group monitoring of institutes at Student Affairs Organization. It is hoped that by adhering to the guidelines and circulars related to providing effective and accurate information, as well as providing real services in accordance with contents of the above mentioned by-law to applicants of studying in countries of activity for the sake of the excellence of science, knowledge and great goals in the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Also be effective in upgrading the country’s scientific status.

Ibrahim Hajizadeh
Director General of Scholarships and sending Students Abroad
And Head of Working Group Monitoring Performance of Student Dispatch Institutions Abroad



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