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About Institute

ARKA Danesh Parsian Institute has been established to help promote the scientific level of the society and create a more scientific relationship with universities abroad. Having well-educated and experienced staff, this institute is active in obtaining academic admission in Spain and Europe (undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degrees). One of the goals of this institute is to provide scientific growth opportunities for talented Iranian students and to attract public participation in the training of specialist human resources needed by the country.

The institute’s widespread communications with universities and reliable science centers in Spain have made the ARKA Danesh Parsian Institute the first and the only student dispatch institution to have obtained representation and cooperation license from the Management and Business Department of UAB University. It is also the only official representative of the “Mediterraneo” Spanish language institute.

This language institute, in collaboration with the University of Barcelona “UB”, is one of the most reliable and qualified Spanish language institutes. Getting representation from these two important centers in Spain reflects the institution’s abundant experience and widespread communications and provides transcendental goals of the institute, which is to promote the scientific level of Iranian graduates as well as expand communications between the two countries. All activities of the institute, including obtaining academic admission, visa services, and accommodation reservation, both domestically and abroad, are carried out by experienced representatives of the Institute.

Also with the aim of promoting the level of students’ knowledge of the language, ARKA Danesh Parsian Institute has undertaken activities such as holding specialized and practical courses in Spanish and English. It is hoped that by providing these services we will be able to fulfill a complete suite of students’ goals.


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